Sun, Sand and Sexy

Sun, Sand and Sexy

Long hot summer days call for more activity and less clothing, and a great way to relax and have some fun is a day at the beach.

If you’re the more active type, there are a ton of options. Splash in for a refreshing swim, surf the waves, kayak, or jog the beach.


If you’re more the sedentary type, an umbrella, something icy cold to drink, and a good book is a great way to spend an afternoon.

(Might I suggest a sexy romance novel from your favorite Spice Aisle author?)

Of course there’s always time for a little sight seeing.

(Nice boat.)

And of course, there’s always that possibility for a summer romance.

Just like in the movies.

Beach time…

It’s National Best Friends’ Day!

It’s National Best Friends’ Day!

Best friends enjoying time together outdoors at ferris wheel - Concept of freedom and happiness with two girlfriends having fun - Vintage filtered look

Post by Carrie Elks

Today is National Best Friend’s day in the UK, so what better thing to write than about all those fantastic people who have supported me in my life, and who I try to support in return?

The concept of ‘Best Friends’ is a strange one, really. It starts at grade school, when at the age of 5 or 6 you change best friends as often as you change your clothes. For girls, at least, it’s a rite of passage to have a best friend.

Then, as we grow older, our friendships develop and change. Some of my most intense (and emotional) relationships were during the years of 13 – 16. Of course some of this may be down to the fact I went to an all-girls’ school, so there were no gorgeously emo boys to moon about. Still, hearing the words, “you’re not my best friend anymore” were as painful as any breakup I was to have in later life. At that age, my best friends were my world. I saw them every day at school, I talked to them every night on the phone. I count myself lucky that there was no social media back then, because the group chats would probably have been brutal!

Nowadays I have a lot of very close friends. They range from my family (who seriously rock my world) to old school friends, plus those fantastic women who I bonded with when I had children and we cried and laughed together daily. There’s also a new category that’s only come along recently – my online writing world friends. Some of them I chat to constantly, not only about books and writing but also about our lives and the ups and downs. I may not have met all of them, but they know the real me and haven’t run away screaming, which I count as a major win.

Friends. I couldn’t live without them. I wouldn’t want to. So even though it’s only morning here, I’m raising a glass to each and every one of you. Thanks for being there for me, you guys are the best.