Tying Myself in Knots

Tying Myself in Knots

Winter weather means bundling up against the elements. I’ve just received a blanket scarf as a gift. But, while I want to be warm, I still want to look cool. And I’m hopeless at being creative with how to tie this thing. So, I turned to the experts on youtube and pinterest for the perfect ways to tie a scarf.
You guys, I had no idea there were so many ways to do this! (One graphic I found numbered 40 ways. My head hurts just thinking about that many…). So, as a nod to the holiday season, and the twelve days of Christmas, here are twelve ways to fashionably wear that wrap:
The loop, the bandana, the body wrap, the standard, the cape, the pull-through, an off-the-shoulder wrap, a three-point wrap, the hooded warp, the belted poncho, the throat-warmer, and the mini-cape.

I get cold pretty easily, and will walk around the house with a blanket draped over my shoulders (or in a “borrowed” hoodie from my husband), so this blanket scarf is a nice way to keep warm when I have to leave the writing cave, say at a lunch or coffee date with a fellow writer, when I don’t want to keep my coat on the whole time.

I’m usually a two-layer girl, and sometimes even that isn’t enough, so the huge scarf is a huge help. But I digress…

No matter how you wear it, the most important thing is staying warm and toasty. Layer, layer, layer, and then layer some more.

Dreaming of warmer weather (and, yes, wearing that scarf as a cape),