Getting all holly and jolly

Getting all holly and jolly

Sorry I am a day late posting–I was so busy writing the end of Near Enough to Hold, I lost track of days. 🙂

When I was in college, I worked at the Gallery II in Center City. To be more precise, I worked in B. Dalton’s in the Gallery II in Center City. I loved working in a bookstore, I hated the crappy pay. The benefit? My employee discount on all the books I could ever want. I also worked one year as an elf at a local department store at Christmas to earn a little extra money. Being an elf wasn’t always fun. Small children can be very naughty and their parents can make you wish you’d learned the Vulcan Death Grip when their self-centredness knew no bounds. The upside? The pay was good. The downside? Dealing with screaming kids, an itchy uniform and the constant rotation of Christmas carols. It was nonstop Christmas carols from November 1 until December 31. I was convinced I’d go postal if I heard Wham’s “Last Christmas” one more time. Now add to this the hysteria of stressed beyond belief people buying gifts they don’t really want or need and you can imagine how decidedly unfestive I was that year.


It took a while to get over my anti-Christmas carol sentiment. Nowadays, I can’t wait until I can begin listening to Christmas carols. I even have a favourite Christmas carol. Well, I actually have two. 🙂  One is “Carol of the Bells”; the other is “Up On the House Top”.  Both remind me of growing up in Philadelphia.


All I have to do is hear these two songs and I am transported back to being a kid out Christmas shopping with my dad, sitting on the floor by the eagle in John Wanamaker’s and watching the Christmas Light Show, and dreaming of what presents would be waiting under the tree for me. It’s been years since I spent Christmas in my hometown of Philadelphia, but hearing those two songs gets me all holly and jolly and brings the wonder of Christmas in Philly back to me in an instant. Hmm…now I am hungry for an open-faced turkey sandwich from the Amish deli counter in Reading Terminal…

What about you? Which Christmas carols are your faves?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Ah. The sweet smell of nostalgia is in the air.

I mean on Youtube.

Let me start this love fest from the beginning.

Last Thanksgiving, we adopted a Labrador puppy.  We named him Jack.  And every time I leave him to drop the girls somewhere, or run an errand, or get to a meeting, I tell him, I’ll be right back, Jack.  Which I always, without fail, follow up in my head with, “and don’t ya come back no more no more no more no more”. Even though the song doesn’t really go that way, that’s how my mind works.

One morning recently, like a few others, I sang it, outloud.  My youngest daughter gave me the funniest looking scrunched up face and asked me, what was that?  So I told her, it’s a song my mom used to love.

She’s a bit of a music lover herself, Little Who, so she immediately wanted to hear this song of which I spoke. So I took a few minutes to sit down with her and go to Youtube to show her.  She got the biggest kick out of the song.

In case you’re completely lost and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about here, the name is Hit the Road, Jack, by Ray Charles.

Hashtag CLASSIC.

I freaking have loved that song since I was a kid and danced around the kitchen of my mother’s old house with her every time it came on our AM/FM radio that sat near the phone. So of course, as the memories started flooding back (again), the next song I had to search for?

Remember this one?

My mom would crack me up, dancing and singing to that one. I still smile so big when I think about it.


elf pic –

So . . . Why am I making you listen to these oldies but goodies today? Because some things are timeless. And they don’t call them “goodies” for nothing. As old as some music gets, there’s always going to be someone to come along to love them like they’re brand spanking new.

This time, it’s my daughter.

Hope you enjoyed them too!

‘Til next time, big love,

Jo xoxo 6