Counting the Days Until Sleepy Hollow Returns

Counting the Days Until Sleepy Hollow Returns

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 07.55.21I admit it–I am a Sleepyhead…errr….a Sleepy Hollow fan. Not the Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci (though it did entertain me)–I mean the TV show starring the always awesome Nicole Beharie and yummy-scrummy Tom Mison. For the uninitiated, Sleepy Hollow is about what happens when Ichabod Crane suddenly finds himself in modern-day Sleepy Hollow and must continue his fight against the Headless Horseman (and other forces of evil) with Abbie Mills, a police detective whose past intertwines with Ichabod’s.

I’ve been a Sleepyhead since Day One. I loved the thrills and chills (and there were plenty of them). I had to wait a while to see it on Swedish TV– and blasted TV 3 Sverige kept changing the day and time and then eventually the channel it was even broadcast on. But I persevered because I loved the chemistry between Mison and Beharie and the plot was so much fun. I loved to hate Katie Winter as Katrina and I totally shipped #Ichabbie.

Then Season Two came and it seemed like the show runner was intentionally pissing off all of us viewers. Ichabod was behaving like a pod person, suddenly he and Abbie were barely on screen together and it was all about Katrina–who was the MOST BORING character on the show. While she hogged up airtime strutting around in skinny jeans, boots and a corset and talking in a ridiculously breathy voice, the ratings tanked and the only people who were happy were the ones who thought Ichabod and Katrina were meant to be.  They killed off one of our favourite characters, Frank Irving (played by the always wonderful Orlando Jones), introduced a completely useless character called Nick Hawley (played by Matt Barr) and turned Abbie’s sister Jennie (played by Lyndie Greenwood) into the Third Wheel who does nothing very useful for an entire season. The rest of us were grumpy and bored. I’ve got my theories about why it happened (even in this day and age–despite shows like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder essentially paving the way, some networks will shy away from interracial relationships because they are afraid of offending people–and Ichabod is in love with Abbie, we Ichabbies know this. Ichabod has even admitted it through his words and his actions). In the meantime, the original show runner jumped ship and left for another show and the network decreed that Sleepy Hollow would return to its roots–the core relationship between Ichabod and Abbie and more episodic storytelling. For a while we all cheered.

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Season Three starts on Thursday, 1 October,  in the US. Since TV 3 Sverige no longer airs Sleepy Hollow, I will have to use Hulu to watch it and will be a week behind seeing the season premiere. Over the summer we heard the new show runner was introducing a new former flame for Ichabod (Betsy Ross, who will be played by Twilight’s Nikki Reed) and that Pandora (to be played by Shannyn Sossamon) is also joining as a recurring character. Now those of us who ship Ichabbie were happy for a while…and then we found out they’re introducing Lance Gross to play a character called FBI agent Daniel Reynolds, Abbie’s former flame from her Quantico days. So…we’ve gone from focusing on the core relationship between Ichabod and Abbie to bringing in former flames? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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So am I happy that Sleepy Hollow is returning? You betcha! I just want the spirit of the first season to return. And I hope the showrunner won’t be a wuss when it comes to allowing whatever feelings Ichabod and Abbie have for one another to be shown. Well, all a girl can do is wait. 🙂

I’ll be watching. Will you?

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