Fine Dining in Paris

Fine Dining in Paris

Nope, I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve visited it many times in my head while reading romances set there, and someday I’d love to visit. Nothing goes together better than food and romance, and Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

So I’ve done a bit of research, because when I do go, I want to sample the best in French Cuisine.

I’m using’s list of top 10 Best Paris Restaurants.

The first stop on our culinary tour of Paris is Epicure.

Can I just say…yum.

But save some room because we’re moving on to number 2 on our list: Cezembre.

Reviewers call it Delicious, Simply Remarkable, An Amazing Discovery. And they rave about the food.


Still hungry?

Our third stop is at Le Clos Y

One excited reviewer call this the “Best Meal In Paris.

AABAre we having fun yet?

Well, I’m full, but if you’d like the rest of the list go to:

Then, um, go to Paris!!!


Incredible Dining at the Blind Horse

Incredible Dining at the Blind Horse

Full disclosure: My wife and I don’t always eat out this elegantly, I’m more a burger joint kind of guy. But sometimes you just need to step up your game and step into another world.

That’s what we’ve discovered at the Blind Horse Restaurant and Winery.


Located just outside of Kohler, Wisconsin, The Blind Horse is more than just a restaurant. It’s a destination, and one well work taking in if you’re anywhere in the area.




This unassuming little house is home to some of the finest cuisine in the area, but it really shouldn’t be your first stop because out behind the restaurant is Restorations Gardens, a fun filled garden/gift shop and the incredible Blind Horse Winery.




This late in the season there’s not as much going on at Restoration Gardens, but in spring and summer this is a great place to browse.

Of course, anytime of year is perfect for a stop at the Winery. Excellent wines and a fun filled atmosphere, makes tasting at the The blind Horse Winery a real treat.


During the warmer months they also feature wine tasting, food, and entertainment on their outdoor patio. Wine and music under the stars is not to be missed, and their pizza is to die for.

But to take your dining to a whole new level, plan an evening inside the restaurant.


On this particular evening they had a party planned in the main dining room, so I got a picture of this place empty (a rare opportunity).


We couldn’t resist stopping by the bar for one of their unique cocktail concoctions. I had a Sinatra Smash and my wife enjoyed a Pumpkin Spice Martini.



Then we were invited to dine in their charming downstairs dining area, something we hadn’t discovered before this visit.



Courteous service, wonderful atmosphere, and the food – nothing short of amazing.


We finished the night by sharing our favorite desert, Creme Brulee.


Now, if you think I’m just using this blog as an excuse to take my favorite girl out for an incredible dining experience, you’re right. I’ll use any excuse to dine here.


Bon App├ętit