The next hot delivery restaurant: Your Kitchen.

The next hot delivery restaurant: Your Kitchen.

So, when I was researching for today’s post I stumbled across this video and it got me wondering about something.


Now I’m not going through all eleven food trends but the first couple included Home Cooking, Virtual Restaurants, and Home Delivery by Drone. But what if someone combined these three ideas into one concept.

Imagine choosing from a selection of home cooked meals off an app or web site.






The cook (at home) receives your order and cooks it to order.

Then loads it, hot and ready to eat into a drone, that flies the meal right to your front door.







All the deliciousness of a home cooked meal, and you didn’t have to even turn on the stove.


So, what do you think? Would you order from a place like this? Would you want to run a restaurant out of your kitchen? Let me know in the comments section below.