Sun, Sand and Sexy

Sun, Sand and Sexy

Long hot summer days call for more activity and less clothing, and a great way to relax and have some fun is a day at the beach.

If you’re the more active type, there are a ton of options. Splash in for a refreshing swim, surf the waves, kayak, or jog the beach.


If you’re more the sedentary type, an umbrella, something icy cold to drink, and a good book is a great way to spend an afternoon.

(Might I suggest a sexy romance novel from your favorite Spice Aisle author?)

Of course there’s always time for a little sight seeing.

(Nice boat.)

And of course, there’s always that possibility for a summer romance.

Just like in the movies.

Beach time…




It’s that time of year… Summer has arrived and that means one thing. VACATION!

My favorite place to vacation has always been the beach. Salt air, sand, the sound of sea gulls and waves crashing against the shore, it all feeds my soul.


I think it’s one of the very best places to watch a sunrise or sunset. And it’s the first place where I saw a glimpse of how many stars number the sky. You can’t see very many stars, living in the city, but out on a beach at night, in the absence of artificial light, the view is breathtaking.

Growing up, I spent summers at the Jersey shore. (Fun fact: people who go to Jersey beaches don’t “go to the beach,” they go “down the shore.”). I was used the dark blue waters of the Atlantic. But a few years ago, I had the chance to go to Miami, and the ocean there was light, pretty, and clear.


I’m looking forward to adding other beaches to my list. Give me sun, sand, and surf, and I’m happy.

Cue the Go-Go’s: ūüôā



What are your favorite places to vacation?


I’m in Punta Cana and you’re not.

I’m in Punta Cana and you’re not.

by Xio Axelrod

Did my title make you a wee bit jealous? It should because the Dominican Republic is awesome and everyone should come here.

woman in punta cana

Wheee! See, she’s having a blast. Come on down.

I took this while riding on a cable car in Puerto Plata. Down is far.

As you read this, I’m probably sitting in a cabana on the beach in Punta Cana, sipping freshly made mojitos underneath a cloudless sky. At least, I hope I am. Vacation weather can be unpredictable.

Take the spring of 2012, when Mr. X and I were on our second trip to the D. R., it rained. A lot. And not the “oh, this is a¬†soft and beautiful shower” or “it’s pouring buckets, but will be over in fifteen minutes” kind of rain. It was a duck and cover rain. A run for the hills rain. At one point, we decided to sit on the beach anyway because, why not? For once, there were plenty of loungers. And wet is wet, right? Naturally, the sun decided to return¬†on the day we flew home. Whatever, it was still quite relaxing. And mojitos!

Fortunately, most of our trips down here (this is our fourth) have been delightful and I’m hoping this one is the same. We arrived late Saturday afternoon and it’s now Tuesday. By now, we’ve settled into our daily routine.


First come, first serve.

Up by 8am to “reserve” a spot on the beach. [Read “claim.” We leave our towels and a few other accessories as unofficial notice that those particular loungers are occupied.]PC food

Then we head to the buffet for a yummy breakfast filled with fresh fruit, local delicacies and international fare. [Germans love cold cuts. I’m just saying.]

11am is mojito time. Don’t judge, it’s the D.R.

Line ’em up. Mojitos are yummy, refreshing and full of rum!

Around 1pm, we start feeling guilty for the 2 hours rum infusion and we grab some lunch, usually somewhere close to the beach.

Nighttime activities abound. You never know what you’ll find.

After lunch, it’s back to the beach until around 4, when we head to the pool for an hour or two. Mr. X is an ocean swimmer, I prefer the predictability of a pool. I like to know what I’m stepping on underwater. Also, there’s a bar. [I’m beginning to sound like a lush!]

Around 6-ish, we head up to our room, shower, change for dinner, and decide where to spend our evening. There’s always something going on somewhere: a live band, karaoke, a musical revue filled with celebrity¬†impersonators, “Cirque de Sol” [only a hint of copyright infringement there], the list is really endless.

The real reason to come down here is the people. They’re all so warm and friendly and happy to share paradise with you, for a nominal fee. Honestly, for the food, the service, and¬†every other thing there is to enjoy in the Dominican Republic (swim with dolphins!) it is remarkably inexpensive. We stay in moderate-but-gorgeous all-inclusive resorts, so food and drink are readily available. The only cash we carry is for tipping and souvenirs.¬†Sure, you could go crazy and spend a mint in one of the “five star” properties, but there’s no need. Sun in the sky, sand in your toes, and mojitos on tap.¬†What more could you ask for?

Mama Juana

Mama Juana is sweet, spicy and STRONG.

Mama Juana. You could ask for Mama Juana, and they will pour it for you. Just don’t plan on operating any heavy machinery afterwards. Salud!

I’m going for a swim.



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