Dressing My Characters

Dressing My Characters

Hello Everyone!

As this is my first post on the Spice Aisle, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mika Jolie. I live in New Jersey with my Happy Chaos—my husband and our energizer bunnies (two sons and a fur baby). When I’m not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find me on a hiking adventure, reading, or on Pinterest.

I’m convinced Pinterest is one of the hottest thing on the web, it’s also a useful tool for world building. One of my favorite boards created was for my romantic comedy The Boy Friend

As a writer, I love getting to know my characters. What do they look like? Would my female character wear matchstick jeans and ballet flats? Would she wrapped paisley blue silk scarf around her waist, up over her torso, then tie the ends behind her neck to fashion a halter-style blouse? Maybe she enters her favorite store, runs to the belt rack. A truffle belt catches her attention, the one with the tarnished—almost black—buckle over brass. She loops it into her blue jeans, blue and brown, like waves meetings pebbled shore.

Coriander, my female main character from The Boy Friend wears this black backless jumpsuit in one of the sexiest scenes in the novel.



See, fun, right?

I do the same thing for my male characters. You can find a few here:

Tattooed Hearts: Forrest Desvareaux Pinterest Board

Need You Now:   Adam Aquilani Pinterest Board


Have fun browsing and until next time!





Grey’s Anatomy Makes Me Ugly Cry

Grey’s Anatomy Makes Me Ugly Cry

This being my inaugural post on The Spice Aisle, I debated what I’d want to tell you about my entertainment interests. Do I talk about Batman Vs. Superman, and why I think Jessie Eisenberg was absolutely brilliant as Lex Luthor Jr (contrary to what the rest of world seems to think). Or maybe I could tell you about my addiction to most of the Real Housewives programs. (It’s true, I follow a lot of them on social media). I know, maybe something about The Walking Dead, or Downton Abbey. My mind jumped all over, like my choices of television shows. This fact made me start thinking about discipline, and a pledge I made to myself when I quite my full-time job as a writer to be a writer full-time.

When I started working from home, I decided that I’d work 6-8 hours each day. I planned to stay disciplined and not stray from my resolution to keep the television off during the day. But, I reasoned, everyone gets a lunch hour. I should build that into my day. And to help distract me from my work, to clear my head a little and help generate some new thoughts, watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime would be the perfect escape mechanism.

Photo courtesy of ABC.go.com

Photo courtesy of ABC.go.com

I love the cast of this program (even though I’m not currently watching the original episodes on Thursday nights). They really are like an extended family. Richard Weber, the patriarch. Miranda Bailey does an amazing job portraying the brainiac sister. She’s tough, but moments of shining sentimentality peek through. For me, Meredith Grey represents the party girl sister for whom everything seems to come easily. But her sardonic outlook on life hides the angst she habitually suffers through. I could go on about the cast, but I think you get the picture.

I’m always a little shocked to discover tears wetting my cheeks as I watch. The show has generated a visceral response within me on many occasions. Like the episode where Callie and Arizona are in a car accident, and Callie almost dies. Shonda Rhimes, for some reason decided to film that episode as a musical. The verses of the songs picked were brilliant. Dang, I’m even tearing up a little right now thinking about it.

Here are a couple of clips from that episode. A word to the wise–get your tissues.


I also love how the patients’ stories parallel events within the medical staffs’ drama and dilemmas. There is always a moral to the story, tying everything together in a neat, satisfying package.

I feel like I should confess that while I do only watch one episode while I’m eating (okay, most days) I record at least two other installments to watch at night, when I can’t find Fixer Upper or Salvage Dawgs. My other guilty addictions.

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