50 Very Pale Shades

50 Very Pale Shades

So, I rented 50 Shades of Grey On Demand. I needed to see what they’d done with the book. I read the first book, and got halfway through the second. Without joining the chorus of negativity, I have to say┬áit just wasn’t for me. I never warmed to the character of Christian Grey. The controlling type man never does it for me. I like my Alphas with a good sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at themselves.

I found the movie rather tame, all things considered. The hottest moment for me was the first kiss in the elevator.


It kind of meandered along a rather thin storyline around the contract, which didn’t hold my interest the whole way through. I liked the way they ended it, nice dramatic moment there (no spoilers, I promise). After all the hype, they set themselves an impossible task. Whatever they did with the movie, it couldn’t possibly meet all the expectations raised.

On a sidenote, loved the soundtrack.

I saw a rumor that they were thinking of putting Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series on the big screen. Now those I would line up to see. Did you see the movie? Thoughts?