Gooey. Fried. Apples.

My ex loved to cook. Still does, I’m sure, but we don’t talk like that. Me? Not so much. Before him, I never knew the glory that is French Toast made with challah bread or how much tastier scrambled eggs are with a dash of onion powder (or that onion powder is even a thing). […]

Super Salsa for the Super Bowl

So, my Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! *barely can contain my excitement* It’s time to talk party food for the big game. If you’ve read any of my posts in this Servings category so far, you know that I’m all for spending the least amount of time in the kitchen as possible, […]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Cocktail

The holidays are here, and celebration season is upon us. Can I pour you a festive drink? Perhaps a Cranberry Mimosa? Perfect for a holiday brunch, this recipe (from is easy and festive. Ingredients: 1 lime, halved 2 tbsp sugar 1 cup sweetened cranberry juice 1 bottle champagne 12 fresh cranberries 4 small sprigs […]