Eating Out

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  Opening Day of baseball season is upon us! That means, the boys of Summer are back! And, there’s nothing like watching a game right at the stadium. For me, that holds true whether it’s basketball, football, hockey, or baseball — there’s an energy when you’re right there where the action is happening that you […]

Hello Dali

My wife and I recently went to visit friends in St. Petersburg, FL. While there we visited the Salvador Dali Museum. What a wonderful, rich adventure for this former art student. (Okay, most of my study was of women and alcohol back then, but I was technically an art major.) The museum itself is a […]

Globetrotting, fab events, and can I sleep now?

by Xio Axelrod If you could see me, you might notice dark circles under my eyes and a sort of bewildered look in them. Traveling 11,000 miles in one week will do that to you. I think I mentioned before that 2016 has been the year of Xio flying all over the damn place, lol. […]