Imagine the story you are about to write will be made into a movie (we can dream, right?) and this song will be on the soundtrack. What’s your song?

Mine is Nightcall  by London Grammar for the adaptation of Tattooed Hearts.

When I was writing Tattooed Hearts, “Nightcall” was on constant repeat. The opening line of the first verse I’m giving you a nightcall to tell you how I feel . . . created so much suspense.

The song captured the mood of Tattooed Hearts. The lyrics told my characters story.

Almost every morning with my coffee on my desk, I’d put on my headphone, listened carefully, and tapped into those emotions—joy, sadness, triumph, love, regret. The lyrics would swim through my cerebral cortex, like a wakeful dream as the words poured onto the blank pages.

Whatever the song made me feel at that time, I’d write the scene that conveyed that same emotion. Each verse captured so much tension,  they embodied Forrest’s and Claire’s anguish, the betrayal that tore them apart, the lies that destroyed their dreams, and the love between them that remained unforgettable. Immeasurable.

There’s also a scene when Forrest watched Claire—the love of his life—performed LIVE for the first time. Her voice carried a level of sadness, a longing, drugging everyone as she sang each word of “Hopeless by Dionne Farris.

She covered “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls,

Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds,

and “Ordinary Love” by Sade

I’m one of those authors who have a playlist for each of my novels. While I prefer to write in complete silence, once in a while I come across a specific song that moves me and my imagination. The lyrics fit the scene, touch my characters. And I just can’t help but channel that song into inspiration.

Check out Tattooed Hearts  playlist and perhaps one of the songs may take you back to a time in your past; mine that memory for inspiration and write about your own experience.



  1. Great soundtrack! I love it! 😀 Iris is one of those songs that sometimes gets stuck in my head. Ditto No Ordinary Love and Don’t You Forget About Me. 🙂

  2. Wow, nice! I haven’t listened to some of these in ages. 🙂

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