Am I a Puffin or a Walrus?

Am I a Puffin or a Walrus?

Back in December, BuzzFeed Quiz posted a quiz on Facebook that felt so right: Which  Animal Are You – Arctic Animal Edition. As soon as I saw the picture I could relate. I felt like all of the animals, depending on the day of the week.

Some days I feel like a polar bear, especially when I am in Philly during the summer. I’ve been living in Sweden so long that my body is no longer used to Philly summer temperatures–so years, I feel like I am sweaty all the time when I am there.

Or, I could easily be a musk ox. I sometimes have good hair days. I can be very grumpy and anti-social. And I try really hard.

Of course, when I am at work, I tend to feel like a puffin. Especially when people who are not writers or native speakers of English try to tell me that I am using the wrong word or decide they’re going to define a word for me (and they are wrong).

Lately, I feel like a walrus–but that’s because I am on a pre-operation diet (have lost 12 pounds, yay me!) and am always hungry (nay me!) since I am surviving on basically boiled eggs, diet shakes and soup, and lots of coffee. I’m also feeling very clumsy due to low energy levels since I am only allowed to consume 900 calories/day until the operation. Thank God it’s on Tuesday.

Now, I love penguins, and I have to say we are pretty similar: I have big dreams (I want to write full-time and sell lots of books), I fall in love too fast (luckily this time with the right guy, whom I have been married to since 1999) and I have my moments when I am a good dancer. The rest of the time I am tripping over my own feet and dancing to music only I can hear. 😉

And then there’s the arctic fox–yeah, I am a fast learner (except for when it comes to the database system we use at work) and I can get anxious as hell in some situations. And I overthink things when I feel insecure.

Oh hell, I think I am all of these animals. Or maybe I am not an arctic animal at all? I mean, sure I live in Sweden and it’s pretty cold here right now, but often I feel like a tree sloth and they don’t live anywhere near the arctic.

And before you ask me (because people ask me this fairly often): no, there are no polar bears walking the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. There are no polar bears in Sweden. Plenty of moose, reindeer, badgers and hare in this country. But polar bears? Nope. That postcard you saw was a lie. 🙂

Now what about you?

Which arctic animal are you?





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