Every Little Thing He Did Was Magic

Every Little Thing He Did Was Magic

From Sting.com

I’ve had a lifelong crush on Sting…first when he was with the Police and later when he launched himself as a solo artist. His harmonics and lyrics have always fascinated and surprised me. He isn’t afraid to experiment with sound and rhythms. Some of his boldest work has been his least acclaimed, but they’ve been CD I listen to over and over and over again.

Here are two of my favorites.

Songs From The Labyrinth was performed on a lute. Songs that told a story of life and love in the 16th Century. Tales of courtly love, and allegiance and intrigue.

An album dedicated to Sting’s favorite season, according to his website. “If On a Winter’s Night… presents an arc of songs that conjures the season of spirits, resulting in a haunting, spiritual and reflective musical journey.” Soul Cake on this album is maybe my favorite.

I still remember when the Police hit it big. Their music was revolutionary (Who can forget Roxanne or Message In A Bottle), at least to my way of thinking. And I know it made for hours and hours of great listening. Even still today.

I know I listened to If On A Winter Night on repeat while writing Hate, the 5th book in my Goddesses of Delphi series. Even though it wasn’t Christmas time. The haunting, soulful melodies helped set the tone for me on several crucial scenes. BTW – Hate releases today. I probably should have dedicated the book to Sting. LOL


  1. The first time I ever heard “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” I fell in love with Sting. This was before my neighbourhood had cable TV, so I had to settle for catching glimpses of him on this music video show they used to air on Channel 17 in Philadelphia back in the early 1980s. Yes, I just aged myself there. 😉 I used my allowance to buy the Police on cassette so I could listen to them on my Walkman. Other favourites? From his Police days: Roxanne (of course), Invisible Sun, Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Message in a Bottle. And from his solo days, Fields of Gold, Moon Over Bourbon Street…definitely the entire If On a Winter Night album.

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