Pumpkin, Shmumpkin. I’m all about Maple!

Pumpkin, Shmumpkin. I’m all about Maple!

Hello, Spicy people! T’is the season. No, not the one for Frosty and Rudolph. We still have time before the world explodes into red, green, blue and white fairy lights.

Nope, I’m talking about pumpkin season. More accurately, pumpkin spice season. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone from Tim Horton’s to Dunkin’ Donuts to Febreze has seized upon this faux fall notion that everything, and I do mean everything, has to bear the flavour or scent of of some imaginary grandma’s pumpkin pie.

I love pumpkin pie, but I don’t want it in my latte.

Besides, I would argue another flavour is far more deserving of our adulation, and warms the cockles of my taste buds far more than pumpkin.


Mr. X and I recently returned from Canada, arguably the land of maple-flavoured/scented everything, and my one true regret is that I didn’t go shopping while we were there.

Maple syrup? Yum. Good on pancakes, in oatmeal and porridge, even on toast!

Maple flakes? So, so good. These crunchy little morsels simultaneously add sweetness and texture to hot cereals, but hey. If you want to eat them by the handful, I won’t tell.

Maple candy? Oh Em Gee. Imagine the rich flavor of maple syrup in the form of a delightful, melt-in-your-mouth candy. Heaven. Amiright?

Okay, I know it’s all about personal preference. And I do love some pumpkin-laden things. After all, Halloween is my favourite holiday. But given the choice between a pumpkin spice scone and a maple scone, maple will win every time for me.  How about you? What’s your favourite fall flavour?

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