What Was I Thinking

What Was I Thinking

I recently went back to work after being a stay at home writer for two years. I love writing, but  I worried about doing nothing but pounding away on my keyboard day after day. Some days I didn’t leave the house. I felt I never had anything interesting (or not writing related) to say to my husband.
I didn’t want to become one-dimensional (Flat Stanley might have gotten a new girlfriend in Flat Gemma). So I asked for my old job at the health club back. My boss said yes immediately, and that part-time would be perfect. 15-20 hours a week, I thought. Perfect.

Except …

The company was sold, and thanks to my steal-trap mind, I know a lot more about the old system than most of my co-workers (I know all the secrets, and all the best hiding spots). I am unable to get my behind out of the office once I hit the 4-hour threshold. It’s my goal every day, but if you multiply my 4 hours by 2, that’s how much I’m working. Each and every day.

So I try to sneak in writing time when I can. Up at 5 AM to write, writing at night after dinner. Doing my social media stuff when I can. Grocery shopping at night (a task I hate worst than cleaning the toilets, but we won’t be discussing my lack of time for cleaning the house).

I know there is a thing called work/life balance, but my teeter-totter is definitely stuck on the work side of things. But, with my usual Pollyanna attitude, I’m just going to leave a working song that always gives me happy feet.


  1. Wow, Gemma! I’m trying to write in the morning–some are better than others. Writing at night isn’t proving so productive, but my weekend writing sessions are usually better.

    • Kim, it’s the one time I find I can get a bit done. My most productive times are afternoons, but I haven’t been able to get out of the office much before 4 lately.

  2. Goldie Edwards says:

    You are a go-getter. How wonderful that you are so dedicated in all manners.

    Have you thought about a grocery ordering system? Might help get a bit more writing time or perhaps even a bit of relaxation time.

    • Gemma Brocato says:

      Goldie, I suggested this to Mr. Gemma and he promised he’d do the shopping for me. Bright side, at least the time I can go it isn’t too crowded.

  3. Susan Scott Shelley says:

    I share your loathing of grocery shopping! 🙂
    Work/life balance can be difficult to achieve. When I was in my last job, the job stress was so bad that I couldn’t turn it off when I left the building, and every other area of my life suffered, especially my writing.

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