Expedition Unknown

Expedition Unknown

One of my favorite shows is the Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown. Starring host Josh Gates (aka really funny, clever, archaeologist), as he embarks on adventures to discover the world’s greatest mysteries. We’ve joined him on uncovering the legend of King Arthur, the hunt for the Yeti, the mystery of DB Cooper, the Temple of Doom, what happened to Amelia Earheart, and searching out evidence of lost civilizations.

I’m a bit of a history buff, so I love the stories behind the legends, and I also love the glimpses into the peoples and cultures that Josh encounters on each expedition. He always soaks up the local culture and jumps into whatever is going on around him.

I first became a fan of his when I saw his old show, Destination Truth. A funny guy who throw pop culture references into his commentary and investigates the strange, elusive creatures that every culture seems to share a version of — yes, please. He’s passionate about what he does and that translates through every frame.

But, you guys, one of the best parts is seeing places around the word that I’ll likely never visit, and that call to my inner-explorer. Like, traveling through permafrost in Siberia searching for the woolly mammoth, jungles, rain forests, Tibetan temples, under sea wreckage, cities of gold, just to name a few.


It’s also pretty cool to see the technology available now to researchers and archaeologists: advanced scanners, radar, and more, allowing detailed study and giving us so much information.

If you’re a fan of exploring myth and legend, Josh is your guy and Expedition Unknown is not to be missed.

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  1. Sandy Howeth says:

    Your Black Beard Expedition….. Totaly blowed me away..!!!!!… u Rock .. Josh..!!!!… wish I had ur job….!!… lol

  2. Patrick Dechristopher says:

    Watching the episode about the Nazi Gold. My father was there guarding the gold… even had Federal Agents come to the house in the 1960’s to question him. He kept whatever secrets he had until the day he passed in 2008

    • Susan Scott Shelley says:

      Wow, that’s really interesting! The stories he must have had.
      That was a great episode. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season.

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