Sunday Brunch at Roscoe’s

Sunday Brunch at Roscoe’s


Did you take a look at the photo above and go ewww, or did it make your mouth water? If you said the latter, then you’ve either been to Roscoe’s or you’ve had chicken-n-waffles at some point in your rich, full life. If your reaction was the former, well…allow me to entice you over to the crispy side.

Chicken and waffles aren’t new, and no one really knows where the delicacy originated. Technically, there are two versions, but – I’m sorry – only one really counts.

This one.

I mean…look at that. Crispy, golden, perfectly seasoned and fried chicken (breast, please) sitting alongside an equally perfect, golden waffle (hold the butter, please). It’s bloody marvelous! Why? Because, in your head, it sounds ridiculous. It shouldn’t work, combining picnic food with breakfast food, but it does, my friends. It really does.

This weekend, I’m heading to Los Angeles with the Other Half of My Brain, a/k/a Sarah Hegger. We’re going to some awards show, or whatever. But what I’m really looking forward to, aside from squishing her to death with hugs, is Roscoe’s House of Chicken’-n-Waffles. She’s never been, and there’s nothing I like more than introducing my favourite people to my favourite things.

But don’t worry if you’re not in the L.A. area, a quick Google search will find the closest restaurant in your area that serves this culinary marvel. And if you don’t feel like leaving the house, here’s a recipe. Though, really, it’s an easy thing: 1. fry some chicken; 2. make some waffles. Et voilà!

Great. Now I’m hungry. And I have to wait three days to eat this scrumdiddliumptious treat. Wish me luck! 😉



  1. Gemma Brocato says:

    Enjoy those waffles and chicken and I’ll be rooting for you for the win!

  2. Sarah Hegger says:

    Other than seeing each other, why are we going to LA again?

  3. OMG….Xio, when I am back in Philly, we must have chicken and waffles! Swedes just don’t understand…

  4. Love, love, love chicken and waffles.

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