Labor-intensive Dessert for Labor Day

Labor-intensive Dessert for Labor Day


I love watermelon. And I’ve volunteered to bring one to a Labor Day picnic. But I can’t show up with one as-is. No, it needs to be impressive. And so I ask you, Spice Aisle readers, to help me decide…


Do I make a dolphin fruit party?



Do a fish filled with fruit?


Go for the top of the ocean food chain, and create a shark?



Maybe something sharp?



Something slow-moving?



Or something stunningly feathered?



Or is there something else I should sculpt? Let me know your favorite!

I’ve never attempted to carve anything other than a pumpkin before, so tips and tricks are appreciated.

And so, if all else fails, here’s my back-up plan:




Happy Labor Day!!



  1. Oh, these look fun.

  2. I love the shark.

  3. Heheh! I am too lazy. I would have just brought a watermelon and hoped someone else would take care of carving it. 😉

  4. Same here, Kim. My mom’s favourite way to eat watermelon was to sit with a wedge and a knife and just eat as you slice into it, lol.

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