Creating a soundtrack…for a book?

Creating a soundtrack…for a book?

by Xio Axelrod

Forget Tomorrow features an embedded soundtrackA soundtrack for a book? It’s not really a new thing, but it isn’t done often. It seems like we may be seeing it more and more, though. Pintip Dunn’s debut release Forget Tomorrow was released with embedded audio. (Gorgeous stuff!) And Stephen King has been known to add music to his books from time to time.

Being a music-maker in my other life, it seemed only natural to marry my books to music. I haven’t ventured into scoring, as they do for films, though I may venture down the road at some point.

Last month, I released a cover of the Coldplay classic “Yellow” as the first single from my Falling Stars series. The song features prominently in book two, but I couldn’t wait that long. LOL! Book two in this series will also have a single. I may do one for each book, we’ll see. I used “Yellow” in the trailer. Check it out. =)

What do you think about pairing music with books. Strange? Cool? Do you listen to music when you read, or do you find it too distracting?

Inquiring minds want to know. =)

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  1. Very cool. I’m playing around with music for my next release as well. You’ve inspired me.

  2. That’s awesome, Steven! It seems like a natural pairing, don’t you think?

  3. With ebooks opening up all sorts of possibilities, this seems like a logical step

  4. I love it Xio! I’ve had playlists for my stories since back in my fanfiction days. I think readers love them and they are big fun to put together.

  5. I’m one of those quiet readers (and writers). Pairing the two doesn’t work well for me, maybe because my brain thinks they both need my undivided attention. 🙂

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