Spooky Tunes for Halloween

Spooky Tunes for Halloween

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 16.23.49I love Halloween! Love spooky ghost stories and things that go bump in the night, love watching Jack Nicholson go bonkers in the Shining. I couldn’t wait to go to the supermarket (weren’t many pumpkin patches in West Philly) and pick out a pumpkin so I could make a jack o’ lantern. And I’d make Halloween decorations to hang in the windows and on the front door. I think my parents were amused by my Frankenstein and Dracula ornaments. They’d usually leave them up until it was time to start decorating for Christmas. I would tell my little brother scary stories or try to convince him that Michael Meyers from the Halloween films lived in the boiler room in our basement–I think he actually believed me one year. He certainly avoided going downstairs for a few weeks.

In the days leading up to Halloween were when I’d buy crazy tapes with spooky sounds and Halloween-themed songs. Kitschy, I know…but I was a kid and this sort of thing was allowed. 🙂 I still get a kick out of some of those goofy songs like “Monster Mash”.

Nowadays, my Halloween music taste runs more toward Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” or “Burning from the Inside”.

I also like singing along to the Ramones’ “Pet Semetary”, Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves in London” or the Specials’ “Ghost Town”.


I’m looking forward to Halloween this year. I think I’ll have a binge-watch of the Walking Dead. And there will definitely be a ton of Bauhaus playing as I hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.

What will you be listening to for Halloween?

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  1. Susan Scott Shelley says:

    I love Halloween! Spooky and scary is good, but I cannot watch horror films. Does anyone else remember The Worst Witch? Loved that movie 🙂 Practical Magic is another must-watch this time of year.

    • I don’t remember the Worst Witch, but I did like Practical Magic. 🙂 My favourite horror movie when I was a kid was a very twisted Spanish horror film they used to show a lot on Creature Double Feature on Channel 48–it was called “The House that Screamed”. I’ve been trying to find it online but no one seems to have it. I would love to see that campy movie again! 😀

  2. I love Halloween! It’s my favourite holiday. =) And you know I love Bauhaus. Ehehe

  3. I can’t watch scary movies. I’m fine while they’re on, its after when my imagination takes over and keeps running and running… Every year we carve a bunch of pumpkins, this year we’re doing 7 which is quite a low number for us. We did have that up to 15 one year. I love it when the kids come around.

  4. It’s so weird. I haven’t been a huge Halloween fan since I was a kid, but I DO love this time of year. My youngest on the other hand says it’s her favorite holiday and practically dragged her dad by his ear to get decorations for the house. Poor guy. He was pretty ragged by the time they were done.

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