Summer moved on…or how a-ha pretty much summed up Swedish summer

After two weeks of sticky summer heat in New York and Philadelphia, I’m back in Stockholm–where it’s already beginning to look and feel like autumn. Yes, you heard me correctly–it’s beginning to look and feel like autumn…and it’s only the first week of August. The sunlight is already paler than it was a few weeks ago (when we had it, since it was raining nearly every day). The air is noticeably cooler. The foliage on some of the trees dotting the hillside behind my apartment building is already beginning to turn from green to red. Summer just feels like it eluded Sweden. And now it’s already moving on.

And that reminds me of two songs by a-ha. Yes, those cute Norwegian guys who brought us everyone’s favourite 80s song, “Take on Me”. They made a lot of other really great songs too, but the only one most Americans remember is “Take on Me” — probably because of its catchy tune and iconic video.

But right now, there are two songs by A-ha that pretty much sum up what this summer has been like in Sweden: “The Sun Always Shines on TV” and “Summer Moved On”.  Admittedly, we’ve had a few good days of sunshine but they were few and far between. Here’s to hoping that next summer is better.




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  1. So glad I had the chance to meet up with you this past summer in NYC and Philly- I love the Autumn so I’d love the change of the weather. Winter though? It can wait.

    • I’m glad we had a chance to meet as well! Now, I am like you–I love autumn! But…when we’ve barely had a proper summer, an early autumn is depressing. This has been the wettest and coldest summer for a very long time and the Swedes are escaping to Greece and Spain in search of a little heat. 🙂

  2. Great music choices Kim!
    I love the Fall!

  3. Kind of jealous. It’s supposed to hit 102 today where I live. Bleh.

  4. Susan Scott Shelley says:

    I had “Take on Me” as my ringtone for the longest time 🙂
    So glad I got to meet you in NYC. Hope next time, it will be for longer than 5 minutes! 🙂

  5. Your post reminded me of our conversation in NYC. So hard to see the summer go and know what’s ahead. We SADS folks need to band together, in Barbados

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