An Ode to Oreos or The Loss of Mindless Eating

An Ode to Oreos or The Loss of Mindless Eating

by Veronica Forand

Diets annoy me. Don’t eat bread, stay away from alcohol, ignore the chocolate ice cream. It’s like making a list of the most wonderful things in life and then avoiding them.

When I was younger, I never had a problem with a diet. I’d sit down with a box of Oreos and eat every damn one of them. Ice cream? Bring it on. I’d go for seconds most nights, and the scale wouldn’t tip. Eating habits of an eighteen year old that worked out for two hours every day and rarely sat in a chair.

Life as an over forty writer? Not exactly a lifestyle that spikes metabolism into overdrive. And while I don’t want to diet, I need to. As I gain weight, I feel sluggish and my mind, the main tool I use for writing, doesn’t provide me with the best ideas. More weight for me increases my need for mid-afternoon naps.

So this week, I’ve cut the carbs and the alcohol and the chocolate and anything pleasant that makes me want to sprint to the kitchen. The result? I’m surviving and slowly as the days pass, I feel better.

Will this last? No. Probably not even to Friday. But after I break my bad habit of eating everything I desire in large quantities, I can return to eating some things. Wine and chocolate. And really after that- what else would I need!

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  1. Sarah Hegger says:

    I really battle to find the balance between eating healthy and dieting. On the one hand, life is too short for the kind of dieting it would take to get back my pre-40/children body. And on the other, I hate the middle aged spread.

  2. I was always the chubby kid in school–my mom is from the South and she solves all problems with food. Then I started playing sports and I managed to keep the weight off even if I was never one of those super lean people. I like food. I hate going to the gym. I always try to make healthy choices, but there are those moments when my brain only wants french fries or fried chicken and my body betrays me and says, “Go for it!” At least when I was in my twenties, losing the extra comfort food-induced pounds was easy. Now I am in my forties, and I can’t get rid of the weight, even when I exercise and watch what I eat. I just try to think these days about portion size and *why* I am eating. If the real reason is that I am bored, I find something to do. But I agree, Sarah, I hate middle aged spread and unfortunately I have it.

  3. Oh, how nice it is to know that one is not lonely as one binge eats and the such. But I do this same thing Veronica. I binge diet. Because over 40 . . . not fun. lol probably not good for me, but hey, it works. Sometimes.

  4. The over forty nightmare. I was just like you when I was young. Ate what I wanted, when I wanted. And then I turned forty. Shit got real. I exercise on a regular basis and mostly watch what I eat, but I barely keep the pounds at bay. (Truthfully, they’re still gaining on me. Those bastards.)

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