Connected at the hip.

Connected at the hip.

I got an email the other day from my pedometer.

Fitbit email
Okay, the thing hangs on my belt, and came with a wireless USB connector that I plugged into my computer. Now every time I get anywhere near my computer, important data streams from my hip down the internet tubes. Important data that when extensively analyzed reports back to me that I sit at my computer way too much and don’t walk enough.

My Zip

My Zip

Hey, I walk all the way to the kitchen for cookies. That should count for something.

Anyway, my relationship with my Fitbit Zip has been uncomplicated so far. It tells me to walk more, and I ignore it. A pretty good relationship, right?

But now things are getting complicated. The thing has become . . . needy.

Or has it?

Is it just being sly?

In order to get it new batteries, I need to get up and go to the store. I’d need to walk, which is what it’s been wanting all along.

So I ask myself: What happens if I don’t get it batteries?

Will our relationship die? Can’t things just go on just the way they were?

If I get it batteries, will it demand something else?

Long walks on the beach? Heaven forbid, a gym membership?

I need to think. I need a cookie. But I’d have to get up and walk to the kitchen.

I think it’s winning.



  1. I’ve left my Fitbit in the package. I worry about the constant push for more steps. This could seriously hamper my
    Productivity. Good luck.

  2. LOL – so much pressure. Loved this post Steve. You crack me up. We used to have the fitbit until mine fell into the pool. On accident of course.

  3. This was too funny!!

  4. Tracey Gee says:

    Lol what a treat. Send me the cookies. I’ll help

  5. Bahahaha. I loved my fitbit, but after wearing it several months I learned my patterns enough that I could go without. (Or continue to ignore.) LOL Fun post!

  6. lol! I was cracking up! You sound like me! Walking to the kitchen is totally exercise! I stand behind you on that one!! Seriously, though, I’ve been tempted to go get one of these dealios, but I’m afraid it’s going to tell me I need to move more and that’s no fun lol

  7. Susan Scott Shelley says:

    Loved this post! Too funny! *Toasting you with a chocolate chip cookie*

  8. Too funny, Steven. I think you should break up with it. It just doesn’t understand you in a way that will grow you both into the future.

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