Musical Barbarian

Before I start, there are two things I need to confess up front—make that three:

  1. My music snob husband insists I have HORRIBLE taste in music, and winces his way through my Playlist.
  2. I am noise intollerant, especially when I’m working and the idea of playing music while I write makes my brain twitch.
  3. I am stuck in the eighties (which might tie into point one).

And there’s a fourth one you might want to know – I know the lyrics to nearly every show tune every written

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I picked three bands here that won’t make my husband flinch, these are three of my Desert Island bands and I would stand in the rain for hours to get tickets to see them live (sadly, not possible with one of the three anymore). I also picked a little musical interlude for you, as I really think they say anything I could so much better with their music.

A live version of U2, “Trip Through Your Wires”, love the harmonica on this and, of course, Bono. ‘Nuff said.



Let’s do REM next, so many to choose from I nearly went a little nuts here. In the end I went a little old school from my favorite album “Automatic for the People” with “What’s Frequency Kenneth?” Does anyone really know what this song is all about? Who cares, right? With those signature guitar rifts that run right through my nerve endings.



And I’m ending with Depeche Mode, to give fellow Spice Aisler, Rhenna Morgan, a chance to escape before I hit her with the Depeche – AGAIN. There are so many I could have included here, but let’s end on a high note (see what I did there *snicker*) I dare you not to tap your toes, or bop your head through Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”


And there you have it, end of musical interlude. Who are some of your favorite bands? Help my husband out here and educate me.


  1. LOLOL Sarah, well I love your taste in music. Keep the rec’s coming girl. 😉

  2. You had me at U2!

  3. I’m all over this list! I am still stuck in the eighties too. BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME!

  4. I love all three of these bands, so your hubby can hush up. 😉 We’ll have an 80s jam session in NYC!

  5. Susan Scott Shelley says:

    Great post! I’m with you on the show tunes – know most of the lyrics 🙂 But for other music, I’m the opposite – I usually hear a portion incorrectly and then am singing a song that really doesn’t make sense! 🙂

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